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Mold Testing And Mold Removal Can Protect From Potential Health Risks

24 March, 2017

For homeowners considering mold testing, it’s probably because of an unwelcome occurrence that has the potential to promote mold growth. It may be due to an indoor water flood. It may be a slow plumbing leak that was never addressed. Or it may simply be very high levels of indoor humidity. Any of these is cause for concern, since any of these provides excellent conditions for mold to grow.

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How To Prevent Water Damage From Spreading

21 March, 2017

Water damage, regardless of the source, can be devastating both in the short term and long term. What’s important is to contain the damage that has already ensued, while preventing additional damage from developing. For the most part, the remediation process is common, whether water has intruded into a basement or flooded from a top floor. The idea is to completely extract all of the water; properly clean up the debris and damage; and fully restore the space.

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Melting Snow In Spring Can Cause Water Damage In a Home

16 March, 2017

With the bulk of winter practically gone, it’s only a matter of time before the snow starts to melt. This is also the time when snow and ice deposits contribute to water damage in and around the home. Noticeable or not, water damage can create havoc in a number of ways. Even with some conventional preventive measures, snow and ice have a sneaky way of causing trouble. And with melting, there’s no way to really predict where the runoff will stream and where it might settle.

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Hide And Seek - Mold May Be Hiding In Your Home!

9 March, 2017

Household mold is tricky – it could be hiding in your home and there may be nothing to see. Mold is actually a natural fungus that can thrive inside the home and out. Sometimes, there’s a mention of “black mold”, and this is where an infiltration can actually get dangerous. This is the time to get a professional to assess the situation and undertake a mold removal protocol where required.

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Smoke Damage Could Well Be Hiding Behind The Walls

23 February, 2017

Most people understand how dangerous fire can be with property damage and personal health. But not many realize how dangerous and destructive fire smoke can be. Clearly, smoke is harmful to the respiratory system, and can pose life-threatening risks. And needless to say, health is of the highest priority. But fire smoke can also affect the structure of a home, both outside and inside. This type of damage can be visible and invisible, sometimes lurking in unseen parts of the home.

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Mold Removal Should Not Become a DIY Project

14 February, 2017

When a mold infiltration crops up in a residential home, it’s a situation that absolutely needs professional attention. Mold can strike anywhere, new home or old, well maintained or not. It’s simply a matter of the right conditions - and damp environments are the ideal conditions. Whatever the case, removing a mold infiltration will require a professional, someone who will do it right the first time around. This is not an appropriate time for a DIY solution.

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Why Do Water Damage Specialists Need Training?

27 December, 2016

In professional circles, water damage restoration requires the expertise of a specialist - a trained technician who understands the nuances of water damage and can provide comprehensive levels of service when called upon. This is a service sector that entails water damage initiated by a burst pipe, a natural flood, or even snow related flooding. The work is not just about cleaning up a mess (and quite often a disastrous mess). It’s about providing an effective drying protocol; attending to residual areas of moisture; and restoring damaged plaster, drywall, wood, and concrete.

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What to Expect From Comprehensive Water Damage Restoration

16 December, 2016

Few homeowners have been able to avoid water damage of some form over their many years of homeownership. Damage may have been minimal or overwhelming, but by any definition, it’s a stressful situation. The key is to have a reliable restoration company on hand, where everything is being managed effectively, and damages are restored to the satisfaction of the homeowner.

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Asbestos Should Only be Removed by an Experienced Professional

24 November, 2016

Even today, there are residential homes that contain residual asbestos. At the time of installation, the asbestos material may have been used for thermal insulation, or often as a flame retardant. But today, asbestos materials are banned, and in most cases, complete removal is required. This is work that should be left to an experienced professional – one who can accurately identify an asbestos deposit, and who is qualified to handle the removal. Asbestos removal is not a weekend do-it-yourself project – it’s work that requires the appropriate tools, equipment and expertise.

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How to Prevent Mold After a Water Damage Experience

15 November, 2016

Residential water damage, whether from a burst pipe, a leaking roof, or a natural flood, can cause havoc for a residential homeowner. In some unfortunate cases, the damage can last long after the water recedes. And while damaged personal items can be costly to replace, the long-term effects of mold growth can be devastating. Mold growth, and the spread of mold spores, can impact the health occupants, and can sometimes take a permanent toll. Needless to say, taking immediate action and the proper restoration steps after water damage can limit the scope of injury or harm.

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Steps Of Fire Damage Restoration

23 June, 2016

The firemen may have put out the fire in your house, but the process of getting your house back to normal doesn’t stop here. The process of fire damage restoration has just begun. To revive your house to it’s original condition, you will need professional service. Restoring your house from fire damage is not an easy task, so don’t try to do it yourself. Not only will you waste energy, but you may even cause further damage. Having a house fire can be a scary and exhausting experience for any homeowner. Thus, you must remain calm and walk through all the steps to ensure the y

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How to Deal With Flooding From Clogged Pipes

21 June, 2016

Have you ever watched your toilet overflow with water and flood your entire bathroom? Have you ever had your kitchen full of water, and you have no idea how it happened? These scenarios are commonly due to clogged pipes. As soon as you notice signs of clogged pipes such as slow drainage, you should check your pipes right away and have them fixed. Otherwise, these issues will soon escalate. It’s much better to spend a little money now on remediating the problems, than to have your entire house flooded. If your house is already flooded due to blockage in your pipes, here’s what you should do.

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Water Damage - Emergency Measures to Take Until Professionals Come

19 June, 2016

In emergency situations, immediate action is often the decisive key between managing the situation, or ending up with complete disasters. When it comes to water disasters, damage and bacteria growth begins within hours of a flood, so you need to take action right away. Calling in a professional is a smart choice, but while you wait for them to come to your rescue, there are emergency measures you can take care of to ensure the wellbeing of your health and safety within your home. When faced with water damage such as flooding that caused water to overflow and enter your property, don't panic, just follow the steps below.

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Asbestos in Residential Roofs

17 June, 2016

Asbestos a set of 6 naturally occurring silicate minerals, which have been commonly used decades ago as insulation to fireproof houses. It’s also extensively used in roofs and other siding materials to enhance their durability and strength. In fact, it was so popular that close to 80% of all structures built before the 1980s contained traces of asbestos. However, the use of asbestos has been banned by the Environmental Protection Agency due to its carcinogenic nature. Asbestos in your walls can be harmful to everyone living in the house, and should be removed as soon as possible. But do asbestos in roofs need to be removed?

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What To Do After Water Damage Was Fixed

22 May, 2016

When you speak to most people that have experienced water damage in their homes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone that would like to go through the experience again. Recovering your valuables, remediating your home, and paying the bills are definitely not fun activities. To avoid having to deal with water damage to your home again, it’s possible to put several measures in place to protect your home from water damage in the future. Here are some tips on the best ways to prevent your home from experiencing further water damage in the future.

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