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Hide And Seek - Mold May Be Hiding In Your Home!

Household mold is tricky – it could be hiding in your home and there may be nothing to see. Mold is actually a natural fungus that can thrive inside the home and out. Sometimes, there’s a mention of “black mold”, and this is where an infiltration can actually get dangerous. This is the time to get a professional to assess the situation and undertake a mold removal protocol where required.

Suffice to say that mold can be toxic – not every strain and not every outbreak, but in some cases. If mold spores are inhaled, for example, there may be potential for adverse health effects. But in general, spores aren’t released if they aren’t disturbed, which is why a typical homeowner should not be attempting a cleanup. Mold removal is best left in the hands of experts with experience.

Mold is simply not healthy in any home, regardless of where it may be hiding. However, residents can often smell the unique musty odor, which signifies the presence of mold. And when the smell is strong, it’s more likely that mold has infiltrated. Essentially, mold will grow and spread where it’s dark and moist, and where there’s a “food” source (like drywall, cardboard, or carpeting).

A home that has experienced an indoor flood, slow leaking pipe, or high level of indoor moisture should be on alert for possible mold. Here again, the mold may not be obvious, because it easily hides in walls, in the ceiling, and even under the floor. Once detected, however, there is no option other than removal – a task that would be better handled by a mold removal professional.

While a homeowner might smell, and even see some mold, it’s not always clear where the source is, or the size of the infiltration. This is exactly when a thorough inspection is necessary, as well as some additional testing. A highly experienced mold removal specialist will know where to look in the building structure, and how to handle any discovered deposits, safely and effectively. 

Clearly, basements and attics in any home are areas with high levels of moisture. These tend to be the most likely areas for mold to grow, since the conditions are ideal. But with moisture, even old carpeting and dropped ceiling tiles could be a home for mold. One of the most common areas for mold to contaminate is old insulation, particularly in the attic and roof with all the moisture.

When mold is suspected, it’s the professionals who know where it could be hiding. There may be a deposit in or around the HVAC system; there may be growth in the ductwork or air registers; or there may even be mold behind wooden windows that are affected by high indoor humidity. With the right tools and equipment, professionals can quickly detect and isolate the sources.

What’s important for every homeowner is not to engage in any type of DIY mold removal. This is a time when experts are required so that assessment and remediation are successfully expedited.  

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Janice Martin

I am going to be the owner of the house we wanted thanks to Matrix. I just wanted to personally thank you so much for putting a rush on the work and making this happen! I was so worried I was going to lose this house so thank you so much for saving it for me! I will recommend your services to anyone I come across that may need them!


Cameron Williamson

Thanks for the professional work. We were going to deal with the mold removal ourselves and realized it was a bad idea. Your crew really knows what they are doing. Our place is spotless – and they even gave us some good household tips. I have no problem in recommending Matrix.


Robert Lee

Thank you for coming to the rescue. I didn’t quite know how dangerous asbestos could be, but I knew it had to be removed completely and properly. Thanks for the professional touch – I feel much better now that the house is clean and safe. I hope I never have to use this service again.