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How To Prevent Water Damage From Spreading

Water damage, regardless of the source, can be devastating both in the short term and long term.  What’s important is to contain the damage that has already ensued, while preventing additional damage from developing. For the most part, the remediation process is common, whether water has intruded into a basement or flooded from a top floor. The idea is to completely extract all of the water; properly clean up the debris and damage; and fully restore the space.

The key to properly managing water damage is a quick response. Clearly, this is vital when it’s an emergency. In a typical home, water damage can be the result of various occurrences: exterior flooding, sewage backup, or some type of plumbing rupture. And while a typical homeowner can make every effort to identify a problem area and respond, professional attention is almost always required. After all, experience is key, if only to isolate the source of the water intrusion.  

Water damage is a challenge in many respects – that’s why it’s so important to get things under control as quickly as possible. Indeed, water intrusion has a habit of creating lots of damage in a very short time period. The building structure can be damaged; flooring and furniture can be destroyed; and personal property can be ruined in an instant. This is exactly why a professional remediator puts such emphasis on preventing the additional spread of water damage.

Managing water damage requires skill and competence, not to mention the tools and equipment to meet the need. The professionals know how to deal with it all:  a completely flooded basement floor; water damage to drywall and wood; even damaged carpeting and/or floor tiles. They also know how to avert “secondary damage” that might occur after a flooding incident, like the growth of mould – something that could potentially pose long term health issues for residents.

Containing water damage is more than just a quick cleanup job. The experts have modern water extraction equipment, along with drying units that accelerate the drying process. In fact, drying the space and the air is a critical step in preventing pollutants and contaminants from collecting.  This is very relevant with respect to mould growth, because effective water containment and drying will stop mould from thriving, spreading, and contaminating a given space.

While a homeowner can certainly react quickly with a water damage emergency, this isn’t a good time for an overall DIY solution. It’s also not a good time to opt for a “quick fix”, mainly because water damage can quickly lead to mould growth. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for mould to develop after even 24 hours of water intrusion. The bottom line is that mould must be prevented from the start - if not properly remediated, a mould infiltration can be disastrous.

Quick action by the homeowner is essential

With water damage, quick action is always recommended. This includes removing wet carpeting and flooring where possible, and ensuring appropriate disposal. Anything water-logged is trash.

Damaged insulation, drywall, or wood must be removed, as these are ideal for mould to grow and thrive. However, this type of work may require the special tools and equipment of a professional.

Where it’s possible, a homeowner can start some initial cleanup, but always with detergents that are “non-phosphate”. Here, it’s essential to follow all of the manufacturer’s product instructions.

Drying up water damage can be started, even while waiting for a remediation contractor to take over. This is where a portable heater, electric fan, and dehumidifier unit can be most helpful.

Whatever the course of action for a homeowner, it’s very important to avoid exposure to mould. Here, health and safety must be the priority – clearly, a good time to call in the professionals.

Professional water damage management

For ultimate success with water damage, hiring a reliable remediation company is best. This will ensure that everything is being handled properly, and that water damage is being remediated in the most effective manner. At Matrix Remediation, the process is comprehensive from end to end. Crews are trained and experienced. Response time is quick. Workmanship is at a high standard. And restoration work is guaranteed to meet the exact specifications of the original space.

Matrix Remediation employs the most modern tools and techniques to contain water damage and prevent additional damage from occurring. The overriding objective is to restore a space to its original condition - clean, safe, and hygienic for the occupants. Professional crews work quickly and efficiently, and without taking any unnecessary shortcuts. The idea is to do all the work right from the start, therefore ensuring long-term success, without any future potential risks.

Certified Crews

Matrix Remediation crews are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. All work is governed by industry standards that comprise cleaning, remediation, and restoration. For a homeowner, having certified crews is an assurance of top quality work.

Water Extraction

Water extraction equipment is powerful and efficient. In more serious situations, extraction is hastened, as water pumps work continuously to quickly reduce water levels. Clearly, this is when quick action will deliver the best results, and set the stage for a more effective drying process.

Drying Equipment

Industrial air movers effectively dry out residual moisture in floors, ceilings, and walls. Also, high performance dehumidifier units ensure that the air is completely dry. Effective drying is crucial in preventing water damage from spreading, and causing additional damages down the line.

Moisture Detection

High-tech moisture detection equipment is used to identify and measure residual moisture levels in hard-to-reach spots. Advanced moisture detection tools can identify even the smallest pockets of moisture – something that is critical in averting the potential for mould development.

Odour Management

With water damage, odour in the air can sometimes be problematic. This is where “air scrubbing” equipment can be effective, along with eco-friendly products that will ensure a high standard of indoor air quality. Although not necessarily unsafe, odours are simply unpleasant in the air.

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Janice Martin

I am going to be the owner of the house we wanted thanks to Matrix. I just wanted to personally thank you so much for putting a rush on the work and making this happen! I was so worried I was going to lose this house so thank you so much for saving it for me! I will recommend your services to anyone I come across that may need them!


Cameron Williamson

Thanks for the professional work. We were going to deal with the mold removal ourselves and realized it was a bad idea. Your crew really knows what they are doing. Our place is spotless – and they even gave us some good household tips. I have no problem in recommending Matrix.


Robert Lee

Thank you for coming to the rescue. I didn’t quite know how dangerous asbestos could be, but I knew it had to be removed completely and properly. Thanks for the professional touch – I feel much better now that the house is clean and safe. I hope I never have to use this service again.