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How to Deal With Flooding From Clogged Pipes

21 June, 2016

Have you ever watched your toilet overflow with water and flood your entire bathroom? Have you ever had your kitchen full of water, and you have no idea how it happened? These scenarios are commonly due to clogged pipes. As soon as you notice signs of clogged pipes such as slow drainage, you should check your pipes right away and have them fixed. Otherwise, these issues will soon escalate. It’s much better to spend a little money now on remediating the problems, than to have your entire house flooded. If your house is already flooded due to blockage in your pipes, here’s what you should do.

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Water Damage - Emergency Measures to Take Until Professionals Come

19 June, 2016

In emergency situations, immediate action is often the decisive key between managing the situation, or ending up with complete disasters. When it comes to water disasters, damage and bacteria growth begins within hours of a flood, so you need to take action right away. Calling in a professional is a smart choice, but while you wait for them to come to your rescue, there are emergency measures you can take care of to ensure the wellbeing of your health and safety within your home. When faced with water damage such as flooding that caused water to overflow and enter your property, don't panic, just follow the steps below.

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Asbestos in Residential Roofs

17 June, 2016

Asbestos a set of 6 naturally occurring silicate minerals, which have been commonly used decades ago as insulation to fireproof houses. It’s also extensively used in roofs and other siding materials to enhance their durability and strength. In fact, it was so popular that close to 80% of all structures built before the 1980s contained traces of asbestos. However, the use of asbestos has been banned by the Environmental Protection Agency due to its carcinogenic nature. Asbestos in your walls can be harmful to everyone living in the house, and should be removed as soon as possible. But do asbestos in roofs need to be removed?

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What To Do After Water Damage Was Fixed

22 May, 2016

When you speak to most people that have experienced water damage in their homes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone that would like to go through the experience again. Recovering your valuables, remediating your home, and paying the bills are definitely not fun activities. To avoid having to deal with water damage to your home again, it’s possible to put several measures in place to protect your home from water damage in the future. Here are some tips on the best ways to prevent your home from experiencing further water damage in the future.

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Types of Asbestos and How to Deal With Them

20 May, 2016

As much as we love our planet earth, sometimes mother nature tends to throw a couple of challenges at us. Floods after rainstorms, erosion of our home’s exterior materials, and molds forming in our homes are common occurrences, which we all tend to wish never happen to us. Asbestos are toxic fibres that circulate in the air after earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and/or fires. The airborne nature of asbestos makes them very easily inhaled, and pose a big threat to our health. The inhalation of asbestos can even lead to mesothelioma — a fatal lung cancer. Six different types of asbestos have been identified, and here are some tips on how to best survive them.

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Standing Water On Your Roof Can Lead to Mold

18 May, 2016

According to the philosopher Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for happiness, one of the basic necessities of our lives is to have a roof over our heads. But did you know that your roof is one of the most vulnerable part of your home? While it shields you from winds, rain, heat, and other natural hazards, it’s constantly put to the test of natural elements. Under constant exposure, your roof is likely to get damaged overtime. One of the root causes of roof damage is standing water, which may occur after severe storms or heavy rainfall, and commonly leads to the formation of mold.

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Benefits of Fireproofing Your House

16 May, 2016

Life never goes perfectly according to plan. Growing up, you probably heard the saying “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade”. Unforeseeable accidents and natural disasters can happen at any time, and and to any person. When your home is affected by a fire or flood, it’s impromptu nature can leave behind catastrophic damage- to your home, and to your belongings. Fire disasters in particular can cause lots of damage, as they can easily spread from home to home in your neighborhood. Fortunately, there are ways to fireproof your house so that you can minimize and in some cases avoid serious damage to your home.

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What’s Lurking Behind and Inside Your Walls?

29 April, 2016

Without any visible signs, there could be a lot going on behind and inside the walls of your home. Whether its mold, asbestos, or even residual water damage, these are all cause for alarm, mainly because of the potential for property damage and personal harm. In many cases, none of these situations may even be visible, and symptoms may be hard to pin down. The good news is that remediation is possible, with accurate diagnosis and viable options for repairs and restoration.

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New Technologies in Home Damage Restoration

26 April, 2016

Very few homeowners have been lucky enough to avoid home damage of one type or another. It could be a flood with water damage; a fire with smoke damage; even a mold infiltration. And in most cases, there’s no warning and no expectation. The damage itself is devastating enough - let alone the confusion, chaos, and stress that follows. But with a good damage restoration company on hand, the disruption can be effectively managed and the damage successfully restored.

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The Long-Term Effects of Mold on the Body

21 April, 2016

By any description, mold has been associated (directly or indirectly) with negative health effects. Whether its mold sensitivity, allergic reactions, physical infections, or physiological disease, there are human side effects with exposure to mold. On one hand, mold conjures up damp carpeting, water leakage, and soggy drywall. On the other hand, there is also good mold: penicillin, yeast, and various fungus strains (mushrooms). As for so-called “bad molds”, some can be dangerous.

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Early Signs of Mold in the House

13 April, 2016

When allergy reactions and symptoms are more prevalent inside a home than out, there may be reason to suspect mold. This applies to a residential home as well as a workplace, mainly because of the dramatic difference between the inside and outside environments. And although there are other reasons for respiratory symptoms to surface, checking for mold is one of the more obvious.

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How Asbestos is Removed

23 March, 2016

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral used for over 150 years on an enormous and industrial commercial scale. It is an extremely versatile product used ideally for fireproofing and as insulation. Unfortunately, it can also be harmful and even deadly for those mishandling the material, causing serious lung diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer. It is recommended for loosely-bound asbestos to only be removed by a licensed professional, as there are extreme health risks that can come with handling this type of material.

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What to Do When You Have a Water Leak At Your Business

21 March, 2016

A water leak in a business space can have devastating consequences if it’s not handled properly. Water leaks create health and safety hazards for employees, clients and customers, and can create long-term damage affecting the integrity of the building. To reduce the risk of irreparable harm being done to the building, there a number of measures one can take when you have a water leak at your business. Let’s explore them.

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Health Risks of Toxic Mold

18 March, 2016

Mold is a general name for several types of fungi: patches of growths which are fuzzy and smelly. These growths can develop in many different colours, including black, brown, yellow, pink, green, and more. An enormous variety of species of mold are found both in both indoors and outdoors locations. Mold spores are a common component of dust found in workplaces and households. As such, it is prudent to inspect and secure occupied spaces from health risks of toxic mold. Mold in home or workplace buildings is a serious concern for the health of those who inhabit or work there. Up to 40 percent of American schools and 25 percent of homes are reported to have mold infestations of some kind.

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How to Deal with Smoke Damage

16 March, 2016

Dealing with smoke damage can be a complicated and arduous process, so it is good to know the exact type of damage you are looking to rectify. Once the fire is safely put out, it is recommended to first contact your insurance provider immediately; they can provide advice on restoration or replacement of damaged items. If you rent, the owners must be notified so the damaged can be assessed by both parties. Insurance agents may be able to recommend a professional fire restoration service. Fire restorers help provide advice to prevent further damage, help determine which items can or cannot be restored, and help provide estimates and services for cleaning and deodorizing the building.

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