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Asbestos in Residential Roofs

Asbestos a set of 6 naturally occurring silicate minerals, which have been commonly used decades ago as insulation to fireproof houses. It’s also extensively used in roofs and other siding materials to enhance their durability and strength. In fact, it was so popular that close to 80% of all structures built before the 1980s contained traces of asbestos. However, the use of asbestos has been banned by the Environmental Protection Agency due to its carcinogenic nature. Asbestos in your walls can be harmful to everyone living in the house, and should be removed as soon as possible. But do asbestos in roofs need to be removed?

Although asbestos is strong, durable, and fireproof, it is a harmful substance. As soon as these microscopic fibres becomes airborne, they can be easily inhaled by everyone near the house. Since these micro-fibres are so small, most don't realize they have been exposed. When asbestos fibres enter your body, they scar tissue plaques on the mesothelium —outer tissue linings of your lungs and abdomen. Damage of the mesothelium inhibits the internal lung function, and often leads to mesothelioma, or other types of lung cancer.

If your house is new, it most likely does not contain asbestos. But you should always double check to be sure. If you still have the packaging the roof materials came in, you can check the box for any labels of asbestos. There should be markings directly on the material as well. Or you can contact your local asbestos inspector to get your roof materials tested in a professional lab. To answer the question posted earlier, no, you do not have to get a new roof if your current one contains asbestos. You will only need to replace them if your roof is damaged.

Asbestos is essentially indestructible, but as the other materials used in construction begin to deteriorate, asbestos becomes friable, or in other words, be crumbled by hand pressure. If your roof is in good condition, the asbestos inside is typically non-friable, so it is usually non-hazardous and doesn’t need to be replaced.  However, even if your roof is intact now, heat, water, weathering, aging, or natural hazards may cause your roof to be damaged and the asbestos inside to be friable. The asbestos particles can easily fly out and potentially cause diseases. So getting your roof replaced now will reduce your problems in the future.

Getting your asbestos-filled roof removed and installing new ones is not a one-man job, so don’t attempt to do everything yourself. Removing asbestos is especially dangerous as you are directly exposed to its particles. At Matrix Remediation, we offer a NO OBLIGATION estimate and consultation services. We are very experienced in asbestos removal, so feel free to drop by for a quick chat about the condition of your house, and the exact procedures you need to take. If you have more questions and/or concerns, contact us at 1-888-885-8683, or via email at info@matrixremediation.com. 

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Janice Martin

I am going to be the owner of the house we wanted thanks to Matrix. I just wanted to personally thank you so much for putting a rush on the work and making this happen! I was so worried I was going to lose this house so thank you so much for saving it for me! I will recommend your services to anyone I come across that may need them!


Cameron Williamson

Thanks for the professional work. We were going to deal with the mold removal ourselves and realized it was a bad idea. Your crew really knows what they are doing. Our place is spotless – and they even gave us some good household tips. I have no problem in recommending Matrix.


Robert Lee

Thank you for coming to the rescue. I didn’t quite know how dangerous asbestos could be, but I knew it had to be removed completely and properly. Thanks for the professional touch – I feel much better now that the house is clean and safe. I hope I never have to use this service again.