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How Bad is Black Mold For You and Your Home?

If you’ve noticed an outbreak of black mold in your home, there is cause for concern. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the black mold is toxic, but clean up and remediation will be required. With mold, it’s important to remember that colour and toxicity are separate issues. Mold colour actually depends on the material that the mold is actively feeding on.

In general, mold can appear in areas where there are moisture leaks, or where water damage has not been properly cleaned up. As for black mold, it’s visually displeasing in any part of the home, and can potentially cause health issues, depending on the strain. The key, of course, is to take defensive measures and prevent mold in the first place.

Whether toxic or not, it’s important to identify the source and scope of a mold outbreak – and this is best done by professionals who know what to look for. Professionals can also identify if a certain outbreak is toxic, and can recommend the proper remediation. With any type of mold, a comprehensive clean (and repair work) is the key to success.

How to identify black mold

At one point or another, you’re going to encounter some form of mold or mildew in your home. It may be household mildew, it may be non-toxic mold, or it may be black toxic mold. Whatever the case, it’s important to identify the nature of the outbreak, and to confirm whether or not there is potential toxicity.

Black-coloured mold has a naturally occurring black pigment. While it’s not always toxic, it may still present allergic reactions, especially for very young children and the elderly. Although mold of any color is an unpleasant sight, most species of black-coloured mold do not have any toxic side effects (or health risks).

Identifying a mold outbreak (whatever the colour) is best left to a professional. For the most part, you’ll be the first to notice the mold, but beyond the discovery, a technician with experience is required to identify the mold species and pinpoint the cause of the infiltration. Then it’s time for cleanup and repairs.

How bad is black mold for you?

Black toxic mold can be dangerous, primarily because mold spores can be released into the air and breathed in. It’s therefore important to expertly identify the mold species and determine if there is potential danger. This is done with a professional assessment.

While black toxic mold can cause a variety of health problems, the effects will vary with the individual, and with the length of exposure. Even with non-toxic mold, occupants could experience allergic reactions. Either way, any over-exposure should be avoided.

For most people, the respiratory system is affected by mold exposure. Symptoms may include chronic coughing, sneezing, and irritation of the mucous membrane. Clearly, the symptoms of mold exposure range widely, so the key is to address the outbreak ASAP.

With any mold outbreak, the first step is to perform a comprehensive cleanup. Once the mold is completely removed, repairs should be made where required, and the moisture source must be remediated. Here again, professional attention is highly recommended.

How can I prevent black mold in my home?

Needless to say, prevention is the best way to avoid a mold outbreak. In a clean home, a number of options are available in ensuring that mold does not develop, grow, or spread. Winter and summer, the aim is to maintain conditions that are unfavorable for mold.

Reduce Humidity

Because mold thrives in damp, humid conditions, air moisture in the home must be kept in check. The bathroom, laundry room, and HVAC area are all susceptible to higher air moisture levels. A dehumidifier is the best option for keeping air moisture levels low.

Beware Water Leaks

In any residential space, occupants should be on the lookout for water leaks – around kitchen appliances, around ventilation ducts, and around windows. Water leaks, for any reason, provide the moisture that encourages mold to develop, grow, and spread out.

Improve Ventilation

While maintaining low humidity is important, it’s also important to ensure proper air ventilation throughout a home. Good air ventilation allows for air moisture to be evenly circulated, while offering additional air cleaning functions (all to prevent mold growth).

Expert Air Testing

From time to time, it’s a good idea to have indoor air quality tested professionally. This will not necessarily identify specific mold species, but should identify air-borne mold. The best policy is that any mold is bad, and should be effectively removed accordingly.

How can I clean black mold?

With a mold outbreak, there may well be some merit to a DIY cleanup approach. At the same time, there are many more reasons to opt for a professional approach. The Internet can certainly offer money saving cleanup options, but the overall benefits are short term.

Cleaning up black-coloured mold requires protective gear, special cleaning agents, and a good level of expertise. This is a major undertaking – and it’s always hard to know of the extent of an outbreak until drywall is broken and the full scope of damage is exposed.

Simply put, mold removal should be left to the professionals. They have the experience, equipment, and tools to provide the most safe and effective cleanup. Professionals also have the capacity to make necessary repairs and restore the space to original condition.

For a comprehensive approach to mold - it’s Matrix Remediation

From assessment, to cleanup, to remediation, Matrix provides you with a comprehensive approach to mold management. We start by assessing the source and extent of the mold infestation. Where necessary, mold testing is conducted by an impartial third party. And finally, we recommend an effective action plan to address the mold problem long term.

With mold, things can deteriorate. It’s therefore important to act quickly, and at Matrix, we have the tools and know-how to do it right. We offer quick turn-around; competitive prices; and great results. To arrange for a FREE assessment, contact the Matrix team at 1-888-885-8683 or visit our company website at www.matrixremediation.com .

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