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Black Mold - Is It Dangerous?

You may have heard horror stories about families who had to flee their homes due to a “toxic black mold” outbreak in their home, but these are largely the work of sensationalist headlines. However, this does not mean that a house or even a room that contains black mold is not harmful. Many species of black mold (there are thousands!) are responsible for respiratory ailments and even pneumonia. How does something that seems so harmless affect us in so many harmful ways? Let’s explore how black mold thrives and functions, what you can do to prevent its growth, and most importantly, what to do if you do end up discovering a black mold growth in your home.

Mold describes thousands of species of organisms known as fungi, which produce some truly fascinating structures known as fruiting bodies, many of which we commonly know as mushrooms. What is interesting is that a large part of the actual fungus is not the mushroom! Fungi grow mostly within the substrate they use to feed, whether it be soil, a piece of bread, or your bathroom wall. The fungi grows and expands, and when it is ready to reproduce and spread further, the structures we know as mushrooms form. Black mold doesn’t create distinct fruiting bodies like the group of fungi that produce the edible button mushrooms we would order on a pizza, so this makes the fungus even harder to detect. Once the fruiting body has matured, spores are released. Spores are to black mold what seeds are to an apple tree; they are designed to help the black mold spread and create more black mold.

Black mold grows where there is shelter, nutrients, and moisture; just like humans and other animals, they have a pretty basic list of survival requirements. So how can you prevent the spread of mold? Make sure to have your home inspected by a trained professional from an organization like Matrix Remediation. As mentioned before, detecting black mold is tricky, so it’s best to have a trained eye do the inspecting. Common sources of black mold are poor ventilation, water damage, and poorly sealed bathroom walls.
Even if you’ve done your due diligence, sometimes black mold finds a way to grow and spread in your home. In this case, be sure to contact an organization like Matrix Remediation that has staff professionally trained in mold removal. Their staff possess non-toxic mold removal products that ensure the black mold growing in your home is completely eliminated. Do not hesitate to take action when mold is detected - the respiratory problems produced by a mold infestation are too numerous and severe to gamble with. Additionally, if the black mold is allowed to spread, it can cause physical damage to your home, further increasing your costs.

Due to the difficulty of detection, black mold can be an almost invisible culprit that can cause severe respiratory ailments or worsen chronic ones like asthma. By contacting an organization like Matrix Remediation, you can be assured that your black mold problem will be dealt with swiftly, safely, and professionally. Contact Matrix Remediation today if you encounter black mold or even if you are moving into a new home and suspect there might be mold present. 

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Janice Martin

I am going to be the owner of the house we wanted thanks to Matrix. I just wanted to personally thank you so much for putting a rush on the work and making this happen! I was so worried I was going to lose this house so thank you so much for saving it for me! I will recommend your services to anyone I come across that may need them!


Cameron Williamson

Thanks for the professional work. We were going to deal with the mold removal ourselves and realized it was a bad idea. Your crew really knows what they are doing. Our place is spotless – and they even gave us some good household tips. I have no problem in recommending Matrix.


Robert Lee

Thank you for coming to the rescue. I didn’t quite know how dangerous asbestos could be, but I knew it had to be removed completely and properly. Thanks for the professional touch – I feel much better now that the house is clean and safe. I hope I never have to use this service again.