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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Mold in the Bathroom

Mold is everywhere in the environment and homes are at constant risk for contamination. Mold thrives in warm and moist environments, making bathrooms, kitchens, attics, basements and crawl spaces especially prone to mold growth and damage. Unfortunately, mold growth is not always visible, and mold can easily flourish behind drywall, below floors and in infrequently visited corners of your home.

Regular mold inspections and a rigorous home cleaning routine are important for combatting mold growth and preventing damage to your health and home. In this blog post we are going to discuss bathroom mold including how to spot mold growth, how to prevent contamination and how to remove mold when it is identified. We also offer helpful tips at the end for accessing mold testing and removal services in the Calgary area. 

What causes mold?

Mold is a fungus that is ubiquitous in the environment and capable of growing inside of warm and moist areas of residential homes. Mold growth can affect both the health of individuals living in the home and the structural integrity of the building itself. Mold grows and reproduces through the production of spores. When combined with moisture and warmth, these aerosolized spores can take root and grow on surfaces, including wood, drywall and grout. In terms of food, mold thrives on organic matter, including dust that is present in the home. Therefore, excess moisture, water leaks, humidity and warm air temperatures all contribute to mold growth in homes. Limiting moisture build-up and cleaning water leaks quickly can help prevent the development of mold contamination.

Where to look for mold in your bathroom?

Even with frequent and vigorous cleaning, bathrooms create a perfect environment for mold growth. Humidity and excess moisture contribute to the warm and wet environment that is characteristic of any bathroom. The three major contributors to bathroom mold growth include high humidity, poor ventilation and deteriorating caulk. All three contribute to the build-up of excess moisture that facilitates mold growth. When inspecting your bathroom for mold, it is important to look for growth in bathroom mats, shower curtains, old towels and other porous surfaces that can absorb moisture. Mold can also easily grow in caulk, grout and tiles, on ceilings and walls, along bathroom windows and doors and around the sink and toilet. Essentially, mold can grow almost anywhere in a bathroom! The combination of heat and water with a variety of porous surfaces creates a haven for mold growth. If you are not sure if mold is growing in your bathroom, it is important to seek professional help for mold testing and removal. A professional can help identify contamination even if it is not readily visible and permanently remove the mold before it can cause damage.

Health Issues Related to Mold

Most people exhibit some degree of sensitivity to mold growing in their home. This is most commonly due to mild or severe mold allergies, which can cause respiratory distress, itchy and watery eyes and nose, coughing and an increased incidence of asthma attacks. These symptoms can also be exacerbated in very young children, elderly adults and individuals who are already sick or immunocompromised. You may be experiencing mold sensitivity or a mold allergy if you notice any of these respiratory or allergic symptoms. 

Top 5 Tips to Prevent Mold in the Bathroom

1. Prevent poor ventilation and high humidity

In order to prevent the accumulation of humidity in bathrooms, always turn on the bathroom fan during any shower or bath and let it continue to run for about 5-15 minutes afterwards. As well, if possible, leave open the bathroom door or a window to allow humidity to escape and disseminate throughout the household. This will reduce the frequent, concentrated increase in humidity that occurs within small bathroom environments during showers and baths.

2. Fix leaks

Leaks that are neglected can result in moisture build-up overtime on floors, behind fixtures or on walls and ceilings. It is important to regularly check for leaks and fix problems as soon as they are identified. This can help reduce the build-up of excess water in the bathroom and prevent mold growth.

3. Regular cleaning of bathtub & related items

Ensuring a clean and moisture-free bathroom environment can help prevent mold growth. Regularly cleaning your bathroom, including sinks, bathtubs, showers, counters and floors can help limit the growth of mold on porous surfaces. This also means you should regularly clean bathmats, hand towels and beach towels that are in the bathroom and absorbing moisture. Regular cleaning can help kill mold spores before they are able to grow on surfaces.

4. Pay attention to shower curtains & bathmats

Bathmats, towels and shower curtains can all absorb moisture and facilitate mold growth. Wash towels, shower curtains and any bathmats as frequently as possible to avoid mold growth. If you notice dark spots on your shower curtain or bathmat, do not attempt to wash the material. Instead, throw away the curtain or mat and purchase a new one.

5. Take care of grouts

Cracked or deteriorating grout can collect moisture and create an environment that is perfect for mold to grow. It is highly recommended that shower and bathtub grout is replaced every 6 months to ensure a tight seal and limited escape of moisture. Tiles and grout should also be cleaned as part of your regular bathroom maintenance routine.

If you suspect that mold is growing in your bathroom or if you notice visible signs of mold growth, it is important to hire a professional for mold testing and removal. For mold removal and remediation in the Calgary area, Matrix Remediation provides comprehensive services, from inspections to removal and air quality testing.

Mold growth can affect your health and the structural integrity of your home. To book an inspection, contact the expert team at Matrix Remediation at 1-888-885-8683. Bathrooms create the perfect environment for mold growth and Matrix Remediation is here to help whether you are looking for an inspection or professional removal services.


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