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How To Safely Remove Asbestos from Your Home

Although asbestos was once considered a great resource, the dangers have outweighed any of the benefits. If you’re in a position where you require asbestos testing or asbestos removal in Calgary, it’s essential to choose a contractor that specializes in asbestos inspection, removal, and restoration.

The fact is, asbestos material in your home can pose a potential danger. The important thing is to identify the presence of a deposit, assess whether there is a danger, and get a professional to remove the material. Whatever your situation, asbestos removal is not a do-it-yourself project.

Are you being exposed to household asbestos?

Most of us will be exposed to asbestos materials at some point or another. It’s because asbestos is a naturally occurring resource. Low-level exposure isn’t dangerous for most – it’s the exposure to asbestos fibers that poses a danger. For homeowners, the big question is about ongoing exposure.

In Calgary and Edmonton, older homes may contain asbestos materials – in the walls, in ceilings, and under floors. Undisturbed asbestos is considered safe, but any suspicion of residual asbestos material should be addressed. This is a good time to be considering asbestos testing.

Where can asbestos be found around the home?

If there’s a suspicion of asbestos in your Calgary home, or a fear of any danger, it’s a good time to consider asbestos removal or asbestos abatement. Indeed, if your house was built in (or before) the 1980s, sources of asbestos might be in various building materials throughout.

In the attic

Attics are the most likely place to find asbestos. Vermiculite insulation was made with asbestos and used almost exclusively in the attic. Depending on the material used, the attic walls and floor might also contain asbestos. Roofing tiles are also a major source of asbestos, all of which can be tested.

In the house

In a typical residential home, “popcorn” ceilings tend to contain asbestos material. As well, floor tiles, linoleum, and plaster contained asbestos when first installed. In older homes, fire retardant materials contained asbestos because it was slow burning. Today, these materials are banned.

In basements

Very old homes may still contain an original furnace, which likely contains asbestos. This should be removed and replaced immediately. As well, water heaters, pipe insulation, and coal-burning stoves may contain residual amounts of asbestos. All of these should be removed professionally.

On the outside

On the outside of your home, shingles, siding, and similar materials have all been associated with asbestos. If everything stays intact there is no present danger or potential threat. However, if any of the materials are disturbed, asbestos fibres can be released, and removal must be initiated.

Determining when professional asbestos removal is required

If you have reason to believe that your home has asbestos, it’s smart to have the home assessed. This is particularly true if anyone is presenting health symptoms that are related. If your home was built in the early 1980s (or earlier) there are probably asbestos-containing materials in various parts of the home. Everything from building materials to home insulation is suspect.

When it comes to asbestos, it’s best to have your home assessed professionally. This will verify the presence of asbestos, and further determine whether the material requires removal. For asbestos removal in Calgary or asbestos abatement in Calgary, it’s preferable to hire an asbestos remediation expert who can provide a full service – from inspection, to testing, to removal.

Removing asbestos requires special equipment and tools, not to mention expertise. The DIY approach should not be considered, mainly because of the potential dangers. Asbestos experts have fibre containment systems; personal protective equipment; and special disposal methods. Without these, anyone attempting a DIY approach is creating high risk for everyone involved.

For homeowners, the bottom line with asbestos is never to engage in removal. You may suspect asbestos in some part of your home. You may be planning a renovation. Or you may be installing new insulation material. Whatever the case, it’s far more preferable to have professional removal when required. It’s the safest, fastest, and most effective way to eliminate any potential dangers.

Understanding the process of asbestos removal

In older Calgary homes, the likelihood of finding asbestos is high. After all, asbestos-containing material was used everywhere – in attic insulation, vinyl flooring, ceiling tiles, textured walls, and even in wall plaster. The good news is that undisturbed asbestos material should not pose any threats.

The bad news with asbestos is when the material is disturbed – that’s when tiny asbestos fibers are released into the air. If these are inhaled (or ingested) there’s definitely a health risk (perhaps even serious). As a homeowner, if there is a suspicion that asbestos is a problem, it’s time to act.

When your home is inspected, and the presence of asbestos is confirmed, it’s time to do sampling and testing in a reputable laboratory, and then commence with the asbestos removal process. From inspection, to testing, to removal, it’s essential to hire an experienced asbestos contractor.

For asbestos removal in Calgary and asbestos abatement in Calgary, you can rely on the experts at Matrix Remediation for immediate service. In Calgary and Edmonton, Matrix technicians offer a high level of asbestos experience, an all-in-one full service approach, and guaranteed results.

For professional asbestos abatement in Calgary trust Matrix Remediation

Whatever your issue with asbestos, professional attention is the only way. Even if the asbestos-containing materials are intact (undisturbed) it’s still a good idea to consider removal, because in time, there’s a good chance that the materials will break down and present potential danger.

From asbestos inspection to safe removal, Matrix provides a comprehensive approach. We assess the asbestos source – we test the material where necessary – and we recommend an action plan for removal and remediation. Matrix technicians have the experience and expertise to do it right.

Matrix Remediation offers quick turn-around time, competitive pricing; and guaranteed results. To arrange for a FREE asbestos assessment, call 1-888-885-8683 or visit our website at www.matrixremediation.com.

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